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Aluminum Flatbeds for Pickup Trucks


Aluminum is a great choice for a flatbed truck.  It is strong and lightweight and should last the lifetime of the truck.  You can buy an aluminum bodied truck that already has a flatbed on it, or you can bolt on an aluminum flat bed to your existing truck.  Aluminum as well as steel flatbeds come in a variety of sizes for just about all full size pickup truck models.  Ford F series trucks, along with GMC and Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram have the most options when selecting a flatbed.  There are many manufacturers of custom flatbeds for each of these truck styles.  Toyota Tundra has been increased options for adding a flat bed to the truck as well.

When selecting an Aluminum Flatbed for your Pickup Truck, you will want to decide the size and extra features you want on your flatbed.  Do you need tool boxes and special tie downs in order to secure cargo?  These options are available, but may add to the cost of your purchase.  Dump beds are also an option when adding a flatbed to your existing truck.  This will cost more money, but gives you the additional flexibility of using the truck for additional work.

The size of the flatbed you want will affect the price as well.  The bigger the bed, the more material involved and therefore a greater price.  You can sometimes find a used aluminum flatbed, but most of the time, that will include the truck and not just the bed.  Chances are if you want to add a new bed to your pickup, you will need to buy a new aluminum flatbed.   


 Aluminum Flatbeds for Pickup Trucks

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Aluminum Flatbeds for Pickup Trucks

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Aluminum Flatbeds for Trucks
Aluminum Flatbeds for Pickup Trucks
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