Flatbeds for Trucks

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Flatbeds for Trucks

If you are looking for a flatbed for your truck, you will find the information you need here.  Flatbeds come in many shapes and sizes and there are flatbed beds available for almost every model of truck.  If you can not find the right size bed for your truck, there are many companies to will build a custom flatbed truck bed for your truck.

When looking for a flatbed for your truck, you need to consider many factors in order to find the perfect flatbed.  First, you should decide on the type of material the bed will be made of.  There are flatbeds made of aluminum and steel as well as wood flatbeds for specific uses.  Aluminum flatbeds are some of the most popular aftermarket beds available due to the fact they are much lighter than steel.  This means you can carry a heavier load before reaching the max vehicle weight of your truck.  The downside to aluminum flatbed truck beds is they generally cost more than a similar steel flatbed.

Steel flatbeds are also very popular, usually for larger trucks that can handle a heavier load.  Steel is cheaper than aluminum, so when you start looking for a longer flatbed, the price difference becames much greater.  A steel flatbed will last for years and can take a beating like no other material for the price.

Wood flatbeds are also an option, but they don't last as long, and will need to be replaced more frequently.  They also can break which means an additional expense to repair them.  If you are planning to use the flatbed extensively, I don't recommend buying a wood flatbed.

Another decision you need to make when thinking about buying a flatbed for your truck is the size.  Flatbeds for trucks come in a variety of standard sizes, and the type of truck you own will help decide the length of the flatbed you can add to your truck.  The wheel base of your truck will usually play the deciding factor in determining how long a bed will fit on your truck.

Bolt on flatbeds for pickups are available for most truck models including Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, and there are even flatbeds for Toyota trucks from some manufacturers.  When adding a flatbed to your pickup, you will need to remove the box of the truck to install the flatbed.  If you plan to keep the flatbed on your truck forever, you can usually sell the box to help cover the cost of your flatbed bed.

Flatbeds for trucks are becoming more popular as more people are using their trucks to carry heavier loads.  When deciding to purchase a flatbed, the two main things you need to decide on are the lenght of the flatbed and the type of material the flatbed is made of.


 Flatbeds for Trucks

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Flatbeds for Trucks

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